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Air pollution: Impact on health and how to take care – Zee News

As Delhi’s AQI drops, we are breathing bad air. It is mandatory to understand the health consequences of pollution that people of the national capital are prone to.
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Delhi AQI Health effects: As per the Indian Meteorological Department (IMD), the overall air quality in Delhi is under the very poor category as of 24th October. The air quality of Delhi is likely to deteriorate further and it is predicted that the AQI on the 26th and 27th of October will remain low.
Exposure to such bad air can cause both immediate and long-term health problems. The pollutants are highly toxic and bad for the lungs of children and adults alike. The bad quality of air results in breathing problems that can be as serious as asthma and sinus which can cause multiple issues.

Health consequences of severe air pollution in Delhi?

Asthma attacks

People who suffer from an existing asthma condition often face breathing problems as the pollution worsens. Breathing such fine particles of pollution could also lead to increased asthma attacks.
Children are affected the most during this time as they have to attend school and thus cannot escape the pollution. Parents must take proper precautions to keep their health in check by first having them wear masks to cover their nose and mouth.

Chronic bronchitis

Bronchitis is also a consequence of bad air quality among other factors, a chronic condition in which a cough lasts for months making it difficult to breathe on a regular basis.


Evidence suggests that air pollution increases the risk of pneumonia, irrespective of whether you stay indoors or outdoors also increasing the risk of mortality.

Heart diseases

With the present festive season, the general health of the populace is not on the healthy side and in addition to that the increasing air pollution can together contribute to chronic heart conditions and can also cause heart attacks.

How Can You Stay Safe From Air Pollution?

We must adhere to a plan of action if we want to stay safe and reduce air pollution at the same time, given the rising levels of air pollution in Delhi.
Here are a few measures and steps you can take to make breathing easier in the smog-laden air of Delhi:

1. Wear Pollution Masks

A carbon filter, an exhaust valve, and a filter superior to N95 are necessary components of a perfect pollution mask. Limit outside activities and make sure the mask fits well before purchasing it. 

2. Utilize air purifiers

Filtering the air can reduce the amount of contaminants you breathe in. Your end product will be purer with a higher calibre of your air filter.

3. Avoid Exercising Outdoors 

When we exercise hard, we have to breathe in more of the smog surrounding us. Avoid going on a walk in the early morning or late evening in a situation like Delhi, and if you must, remember to put on your pollution mask.

4. Consult Your Doctor

Get yourself checked if you experience symptoms like:

– Difficulty breathing (if you have a respiratory illness)
– Increased heart rate (if you have a heart condition)
– Burning eyes
– Headaches and fatigue
The intensity of these diseases and conditions can vary from person to person depending on age, sex and the kind of lifestyle they follow.
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The primary causes of Delhi’s sickening pollution are said to be cars, industrial discharges, stubble burning, and construction activities. People must take precautions and wear masks when stepping outside and use other methods of safety when indoors.
(Disclaimer: The information in this article is based on general information and does not substitute an expert’s advice. Zee News does not confirm this.)
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