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Delhi: With falling temperature, air quality may turn ‘very poor’ on weekend | Mint – Mint

Delhi’s air quality continued to stay in ‘poor’ category on Wednesday and is predicted to turn ‘very poor’ on weekend
With the falling temperature, people suffered due to poor quality in Delhi on Wednesday. The air quality in the city is predicted to worsen to ‘very poor’ by Saturday.
The capital city’s minimum temperature dropped to 17 degrees Celsius which was a notch below the normal for October, stated Indian Meteorological Department. Delhi’s Maximum temperature reached to 34.6 degrees Celsius.
It is worth noting that the city’s air quality has been under the ‘poor’ category for last four days. The forecasting agencies said it may turn “very poor” by Saturday. The air quality of the city stood at 228 at 4 pm on Wednesday.
Moreover, the air quality already begun to deteriorate on Wednesday. Around six of 35 monitoring stations of Delhi reported the air quality in the ‘very poor’ category.
It is worth noting, that the air quality has already come under the ‘poor’ category and is expected to drastically degrade next week due to cracker bursting in Diwali. Construction activities, stubble burning in nearby states and transportation activities are also responsible for decreasing the air quality of the city.
Talking about the standard measurement of air quality, an AQI between zero and 50 is considered good. An AQI falling between 51 and 100 is considered as satisfactory. AQI falling in between 101 and 200 is  moderate. Whereas, AQI between 201 and 300 is poor, 301 and 400 very poor, and 401 and 500 severe.
Another major contributor to air pollution in the city is its transportation system. According to the Decision Support System of the Indian Institute of Tropical Meteorology (IITM), vehicles plying on the roads of the city account for 15 per cent of PM2.5 pollution on Wednesday. 
To control the worsening air pollution in the city, government takes severe measures like halting construction activities, implementing odd even vehicle system, etc. 
With rising air pollution and degrading air quality, people in Delhi will be more susceptible to several health issues including asthma, breathing issues, lungs related issues, exhertion, etc. Many people may also experience skin and eye related issues, bronchitis, and COPD.  
(With inputs from PTI)
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