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Latrobe planning to add up to 9 electric vehicle charging stations – CBS Pittsburgh

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By Ross Guidotti
/ CBS Pittsburgh
LATROBE, Pa. (KDKA) — The electric vehicle revolution is gaining power in Latrobe.
More and more electric vehicles are hitting the road, but finding charging stations isn’t always easy. 
At any given time, Teslas can be seen lined up at the charging station at Sheetz in Irwin. 
“For me, I commute to Pittsburgh every day. So I charge it every two days,” John Domit said Wednesday.
But for Domit and other EV users, finding a place to power up has become problematic.
“That’s one of the holdbacks around here,” Domit said. “There’s not enough chargers for people.”
With that sentiment in mind, Latrobe leaders are looking to install EV charging units.
“One here at the municipal complex in Latrobe, two in the parking garage and two in one of the other lots,” City Manager Terry Carcella said.
Costing $4,000 with 70 percent paid by state funds, Carcella says they’ll pay for themselves eventually.
“They’ll swipe their card, they’ll pay for electricity,” Carcella said. “Just like a parking meter, you get revenue for that particular use, and it benefits the public at the same time.”
Carcella said concerns over power infrastructure have already been taken into account.
“We have a power center right over there,” Carcella said. “It’s an easy connection. We have a power center right at the municipal building and of course, over in the parking garage.”
Carcella cites the dramatic increase in electric vehicles on the road as a driving force behind the move.
“It’s only a matter of time before we get EV units for our police service, public works department,” he said.
What’s more, Carcella says if Latrobe wants to continue to modernize and advance, EV power stations must become as common as the parking meters they may someday be attached to.
“The future is now, and we’re trying to make it happen sooner,” Carcella said.
Latrobe City Council approved the measure in December of last year. The plan is to have the first EV charging unit up and running by 2023
Ross Guidotti, a Pittsburgh native and Point Park graduate , joined KDKA in 2001 as a general assignment reporter.
First published on October 5, 2022 / 6:28 PM
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©2022 CBS Broadcasting Inc. All Rights Reserved.