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Electric vehicle charging stations coming to Vidalia – WTOC

SAVANNAH, Ga. (WTOC) – Electric vehicle charging stations could soon be found in three different locations in Vidalia.
Ronnie A. Dixon City Park is right in the heart of downtown. Because of this, City Manager Nick Overstreet says they chose this location as one of the three places where the charging stations will be installed.
Overstreet says another charging station will be at the airport and the third location is TBD.
This is all made possible through the city’s partnership with Francis Energy who will apply for grant money through the National Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Program.
Overstreet says what’s so great about it is that these million dollar charging stations will come at no cost to the city because whatever the grant doesn’t cover, Francis Energy will.
The charging stations will work for all electric vehicles and have the capability to charge in 30 minutes. Once they’re up and running, Overstreet says 20% of the charging fee will go straight into the city’s general fund.
He says he hopes people in the community who want to buy electric will feel more comfortable doing so knowing they have places to charge their car if they’re not close to home.
”We’re excited about it. We think it’ll be something new for folks here in Vidalia and our visitors, that’s really the main thing. We want to encourage people to come use the charging stations, especially here in our downtown, go and grab something to eat, go shop, spend some money and charge your car while you’re here,” Vidalia City Manager Nick Overstreet said.
Overstreet says right now the city is waiting for the grant application period to open. At that point, Francis Energy will apply for it.
They’re hopeful that they’ll get the grant and have the stations fully up and running by the end of next year at the latest.
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