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Covid cases rising in Delhi but no need to panic: Arvind Kejriwal | Mint – Mint

  • Delhi CM Kejriwal has said that there was no need to panic even as Covid-19 cases in the national capital are rising

Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal said on Tuesday that Covid-19 cases in the national capital are rising. But, the Delhi chief minister said there was no need to panic as most new Covid-19 cases were mild in nature.
Addressing reporters in the national capital, Arvind Kejriwal also said that the Delhi government is keeping a close watch on the situation. “Covid cases are rising. We are keeping watch on it and whatever steps needed will be taken,” he said.
“But most cases are mild and there is no need for panic,” Arvind Kejriwal said.
Delhi had on Sunday registered 1,372 new Covid infections and six deaths. The Covid positivity in Delhi also rose to 17.85 per cent, the highest since January 21, the health department data said. On January 21, the positivity rate was 18.04 per cent.
Earlier, Delhi had logged 2,423 Covid-19 cases with a positivity rate of 14.97 per cent and two deaths. On Saturday, the capital city had seen 2,311 Covid-19 cases with a positivity rate of 13.84 per cent and one fatality.
The number of active Covid-19 cases in Delhi stands at 7,484, down from 8,048 the previous day. In Delhi, as many as 5,650 patients are in home isolation.
Amid the rising Covid-19 cases in Delhi, Lok Nayak Jai Prakash Narayan (LNJP) Hospital MD Dr Suresh Kumar had earlier raised concern. The doctor also urged people in the national capital to take booster doses and follow Covid-19 protocols.
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Dr Kumar said told ANI, “Covid cases are rising in Delhi, positivity rate has gone up along with hospitalisation. 51 Covid patients are admitted to LNJP, and 14-15 cases are coming every day. The increasing positivity is a matter of concern.”
“Death cases are very few. There have been no deaths due to Covid in LNJP in the last 24 hours. The requirement for a ventilator is also very less. But it is definitely a matter of concern whenever the positivity is more than 10 per cent,” he added.
(With agency inputs)
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