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Tata Motors launches India’s first sub- ₹10 lakh electric car | Mint – Mint

Tiago EV is targeting existing EV customers who are looking for a smaller car with premium features
NEW DELHI : India now has a sub- 10 lakh electric car, and it is from the Tata Motors’ stable, which has nearly 90% of the EV market share in India.
Tata Motors on Wednesday launched the electric version of the Tiago. The range of the Tiago EV hatchback will be priced between 8.49 lakh and 11.79 lakh, ex-showroom, for the first 10,000 bookings, out of which 2,000 units will be reserved for existing owners of a Tata Motors EV.
The Tiago EV is the cornerstone of Tata Motors’ strategy to launch more affordable EVs, compared to its best-selling flagship Nexon EV.
Mint reported on 6 September that Tata Motors was looking to woo the price-sensitive Indian consumer with Generation-1 and Generation-2 EVs at affordable prices over the next 12-18 months.
The Tiago EV is expected to surpass sales of the Nexon EV and reach 30-35% penetration within its model line almost immediately, Shailesh Chandra, managing director, Tata Motors Passenger Vehicles Ltd, said in an interview.
“The Tiago EV offers a very compelling proposition, and it is unlike the Nexon EV, where there is a better awareness of charging at home, confidence within customers that the charging issue will be over soon and we are expanding into double the number of cities we are present today – all these factors should contribute in taking the penetration of the Tiago EV to a higher level. I estimate close to 35% immediately. However, we’ll have to run fast on production to ensure we meet this demand,” he added.
Bookings for the Tiago EV will open on 10 October, and deliveries will begin in January 2023. The hatchback will have two range variants, with a 19.2 kWh battery pack and 24 kWh battery pack with a range of 250 kms and 315 kms, respectively.It is targeting existing EV customers who are looking for a smaller car with premium features, those who have more than 50 kms of daily usage and those looking at a lower cost of EV ownership, said Chandra.
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