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Amid rising Covid cases, Delhi districts start planning strategy for containment measures – The Indian Express

After making wearing masks in public places compulsory again, district authorities in Delhi have started planning a strategy for managing Covid-19 cases, enforcing containment measures and controlling infections that have seen an uptick in the past couple of weeks.
“The number of Covid cases is increasing day by day in NCT of Delhi. The government has also directed the health department to boost medical facilities provided on daily basis at public health centres to overcome any unexpected situation. So, to put in place the measures, the staff has been directed to keep themselves at the disposal of the district administrations of the concerned area for discharging the duty of containment measures,” said an official.
The district administrations have directed staff in other departments to join the district disaster management committee for Covid management. According to officials, district administrations and magistrates have directed their staff to increase enforcement to ensure people follow the Covid protocol, especially wearing masks in public places.
The Southwest district administration has asked about 108 school teachers from its districts to be ready for deployment. The teachers have been asked to fill out joining forms with immediate effect.
“The officials shall continue to work in their respective departments till they receive deployment orders issued by Nodal Officer, Manpower. Non-compliance of this order will be viewed seriously and shall attract penal action as per act/regulation in force,” read the notification sent to the teachers issued by the Southwest district.
Some districts have asked teachers who were earlier deployed on Covid duty to report to the offices of district magistrates with immediate effect by filling the joining form link.
The districts can ask for more officials for Covid management and containment measures, officials added.
Delhi on Monday registered 625 fresh Covid-19 cases with a positivity rate of 9.27 per cent. As many as seven deaths were recorded on the same day. About 3560 patients are in isolation and 460 people are admitted to hospitals. Of all the patients in the hospital, 161 are in ICU, 141 are on oxygen support and 22 are on ventilators.
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