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Delhi News Highlights: Afghan national arrested with heroin worth Rs 20 crore – Deccan Herald

Delhi: Cab driver arrested for indecent act in front of British woman
A cab driver was arrested for allegedly playing with himself in front of a UK-based woman and her friend while ferrying them to a hotel in south Delhi, police said on Sunday, adding the duo left the country after the incident.
The accused, Maakhan Lal, a native of Lalganj district in Uttar Pradesh, had been working for the past six months as a driver here, they said. (PTI)
Congress’ ‘Mehangai Par Halla Bol’ rally at Delhi’s Ramlila Maidan @DeccanHerald
“Delhi Police Crime Branch along with Gujarat Police have busted an international drugs smuggling racket and arrested an Afghan national. He is an asylum seeker from UNHCR. He along with his family came to India on a medical visa in 2016,” Delhi Police Crime Branch told ANI
Afghan national arrested with heroin worth Rs 20 crore
Gujarat Anti-Terror Squad (ATS) arrested an Afghan national with 4 kg of heroin worth Rs 20 crores from the Vasant Kunj area in the national capital. (ANI)
Bharat Jodo Yatra is being undertaken because the media is not with us: Rahul Gandhi
Rahul Gandhi while addressing the ‘halla bol’ rally on Sunday in Ramlila Maidan, said that the opposition has no other way but to go to the people as all the institutions are under duress.
He said, “Bharat Jodo Yatra is being undertaken because the media is not with us, other institutions are under pressure from the government. So the opposition has no way but to directly go to the people and tell them the truth about the government.”
  ‘Modi government has 2 brothers — unemployment and inflation’, says Congress
TheCongresson Sunday took a swipe at the BJP government on the issue of price rise, saying unemployment and inflation were its “two brothers”, with Rahul Gandhi blaming Prime Minister Narendra Modi for the problems being faced by the common people. (PTI)
This country is not just of those 2 businessmen: Rahul Gandhi
It is our responsibilty to protect our country today. This country is not just of those 2 businessmen. There are two Indias today, one is of the labourers and unemployed who are not allowed to dream. The other India is of businessmen where anyone can dream of anything. They can get anything they wish for. Modi’s idoelogy is pro dividing India and distrubing the benefits with businessmen. Our ideology is that the citizens who work day in and day out should get all the benefits that they deserve.
Media controlled by businessmen who are controlled by BJP: Rahul Gandhi
The citizens of this country are in immense pain. When the Opposition wants to bring this pain to the notice of Parliament, BJP does not let them speak. Media also does not do its work as it is aligned with those two businessmen that supports BJP. All newspapers, all channels are of those two businessmen. The control the media and Modiji controls them. The entire money of the country is in the hands of these two businessmen.
India has become weak by the hate being propagated by BJP: Rahul Gandhi

नफरत से लोग बंटते हैं, देश बंटता है, देश कमजोर होता है।

बीजेपी-संघ के नेता देश को बांटते हैं, जानबूझकर देश में भय पैदा करते हैं, नफरत पैदा करते हैं: श्री @RahulGandhi#महंगाई_पर_हल्ला_बोल_रैली
Modi has punctured the spine of farmers and labourers: Rahul Gandhi
BJP exploited labourers, common men with their GST policy. Today even if Inida want, it cannot provide employment to the citizens. Employment is not generated by the two businessmen that BJP supports but by small and medium businesses.
Money of common men misused by Modi govt
‘During demonitisation, money was taken from the pockets of common men and with that money, loans of the most eminet businessmen of India were waived off. They did not waive off the loans of farmers. They brought new laws for farmers claiming they were for their ‘betterment’. If these laws benifitted the farmers why would they protest on the roads?’
Hate rising since Modi government has come to power: Rahul Gandhi
‘You can see what is happening in the country today. Since BJP has come to power, the country has seen a rise in hate and anger. When we say that hate is rising in the country, it implies that fear is rising in India. Fear of future, inflation andunemployment.’
Rahul Gandhi begins his speech at Congress rally

The country is burning, people are worried: Gehlot
This is just the beginning. We need to continue with our protest, send a message to the governemnt. Today the country has boiled down to hate, the environment is very tense but the PM has not even said a word against violence. Congress has a big hand in giving India the position it stands at today, yet, Modiji wants ‘Congress Mukt Bharat’, says Gehlot taking a dig at Modi.
Ashok Gehlot addresses the Congress rally at Ramlila Maidan
‘The situation of the country is worrisome. If the citizens just listen to the promises that Modi ji made during 2014 election campains there will be no need for us to hold this rally,’ says Ashok Gehlot.
Congress warriors are ready to fight for its citizens: Congress

श्री @RahulGandhi जी ने #महंगाई_पर_हल्ला_बोल_रैली में देशभर से उमड़े कांग्रेस कार्यकर्ताओं का अभिवादन स्वीकार किया।

कांग्रेस के योद्धा तैयार हैं- जनहित के मुद्दों पर संघर्ष करने के लिए, जनता की लड़ाई लड़ने के लिए।
‘Rahul Gandhi Zindabad’ slogans raised as Rahul Gandhi arrives at Ramlila Maidan

Video: As Rahul Gandhi arrived at protest venue at Ramlila Maidan, Bhupinder Hooda — a G23 leader — who was speaking at that time raises slogan ‘Rahul Gandhi Zindabad’ @DeccanHerald
Congress rally against inflation continues at the Ramlila Maidan

LIVE: महंगाई पर हल्ला बोल रैली #महंगाई_पर_हल्ला_बोल_रैली
Protest against price rise taking place all over India: Congress
The grand-old party said that their protest is taking place everywhere, whether it is south, north, west, north-eastern states, district level and block level, and even at petrol pumps they have done a massive signature protest campaign all over India, by taking crores of signatures from the common man, who were affected by this price rise and sent it to the President.
Congress staging protest against price rise continuously since 2021: K C Venugopal
“Finance Minister didn’t say anything and meanwhile further burdening the people with price rise, GST rates of some essential items also have been increased. We demanded a rollback of GST price, nothing has happened,” the AICC General Secretary said.
All India Congress Committee (AICC) General Secretary, K CVenugopal said, “We can proudly say that we are the party, which is fighting against this most painful price rise issue all over the country. From 2021 onwards consistently, continuously, we are staging this protest.”
‘We want Rahul Gandhi as INC President,’ demand Congress workers
At the ‘Mehngai par halla bol’ protest rally of the Congress at Delhi’s Ramlila Maidan on Sunday, hundreds of party workers chanted slogans in favour of Rahul Gandhi and displayed posters demanding that he be made party president. “We want Rahul Gandhi as INC President,” read the posters.
The Congress has deferred its presidential election to next month. The chorus for Rahul Gandhi becoming the party’s national chief has been growing. Many party leaders have openly demanded that he be made the president, the post he quit in June 2019 after a poll debacle.
Want to send a message to insensitive Modi Government that people are suffering: Jairam Ramesh
The Congress on Sunday took a dig at the Centre on the issue of price rise, saying unemployment and inflation were “two brothers” of the Modi government. Ahead of Sunday’s ‘Mehngai par halla bol’ rally of the party at the Ramlila Maidan, Congress general secretary Jairam Ramesh said the rally was not being held to canvas for the 2024 polls, but to highlight the two “biggest challenges” of inflation and unemployment to the people.
“We had protested against this even on August 5. About 70 MPs were detained, including Rahul Gandhi. “People from 12-13 states are coming and we want to send an effective message to the insensitive Modi government that people are suffering from this back-breaking inflation and unemployment and solutions should be found for them,” Ramesh said.
‘Mahangai par halla bol’ rally under way

Congress’ ‘Mehangai Par Halla Bol’ rally at Delhi’s Ramlila Maidan @DeccanHerald
Amid rumours of Congress protestors getting detained, Delhi Police deny any such claims

A rally of Indian National Congress was schedueld at Ram Lila Maidan today. Party workers protesting elsewhere were taken in buses by Delhi Police & dropped at the designated place of protest. No one has been detained unlike some reports falsely claiming so. @ANI @PTI_News
Traffic alert by Delhi Police regarding Congress rally at Ramlila Maidan

Congress supporters enact ‘pakoda’ frying during their ‘Mehangai Par Halla Bol’ rally on price rise at Ramlila Maidan, in New Delhi
Credit: IANS Photo
Huge crowd at Ramlila Maidan for protest against price rise

महंगाई और बेरोजगारी के खिलाफ सारा देश हल्ला बोल रहा है।

दिल्ली के रामलीला मैदान में उमड़ा जनसैलाब कह रहा है- महंगाई कम करो, युवाओं को रोजगार दो।#महंगाई_पर_हल्ला_बोल_रैली
Congress workers detained for protesting at Ramleela Maidan

#WATCH | Delhi: Congress workers marching against price rise detained by the Delhi police. The protestors were moving from Banga Bhawan to AICC headquarters at Akbar Road
Congress ready to protest against inflation

मां तुझे सलाम.. गीत गूंज रहा है, माहौल को देशभक्ति से पूर्ण कर रहा है।

महंगाई के विरुद्ध युद्ध में हर कांग्रेसी कार्यकर्ता मैदान में है।#महंगाई_पर_हल्ला_बोल_रैली
All set at the Ramlila Maidan

रामलीला मैदान तैयार है- #महंगाई_पर_हल्ला_बोल_रैली के लिए, क्योंकि

– देश एकजुट है महंगाई के विरुद्ध
– देश एकजुट है बेरोजगारी के विरुद्ध

रामलीला मैदान है तैयार, भरने हुंकार
Delhi fire dept douses Rajouri Garden blaze; no casualties reported
A major fire broke out in a tent near HDFC bank in west Delhi’s Rajouri Garden in the intervening night of Saturday and Sunday.
The fire department got a call regarding the incident at around 1 am.
“Total 23 fire tenders were rushed to the site, and the fire was under control in 2 hour. No causality reported,” said the fire department.
The official said that the cause of the fire is not yet known. Local police had also reached the spot to assist the fire fighters. (IANS)
BJP-controlled MCD slams AAP criticism of school infrastructure
The BJP-controlled MCD came to the defence of its school infrastructure, denying it was “poorer than those run by the city government”, after anAAP MLA live-streamed their “poor condition” onsocial media.
In a statement on Saturday, the MCD said the “intrusion by a group of 30-40 people in their schools were uncalled-for” and the children had to “suffer a rude break to the harmonious rhythm of their learning process.”
Today’s protest rally has nothing to do with elections: Jairam Ramesh
Delhi | Today’s Halla Bol rally has nothing to do with state elections or the 2024 election. It is a befitting message to the insensitive central govt as people of country remain troubled by inflation & unemployment: Jairam Ramesh, Congress Gen Sec in-charge communications
Preparations for Congress protest rally under way at Ramlila Maidan
Preparations underway at Ramlila Maidan in Delhi for the Congress party’s ‘Mehangai Par Halla Bol’ rally to be held today
Senior J-K Congress leader Ashok Sharma resigns from party
Congress leader and former legislator from Jammu and Kashmir Ashok Sharma on Saturday wrote to party president Sonia Gandhi and resigned from the organisation.
The national coordinator of the All India Congress Committee’s ‘Vichar Vibhag’ and a member Pradesh Executive Committee, stated that he took the “painful” decision due to the “prevailing situation and unavoidable circumstances”.
His resignation came close on the heels of an ex-deputy chief minister, eight former ministers, an ex-MP, nine legislators and a large number of Panchayati Raj Institution members, municipal corporators and grassroots workers from across Jammu and Kashmir left the Congress to join the Ghulam Nabi Azad camp.
Meeting and talking to political rivals doesn’t change one’s DNA: Azad counters Congress
Meeting and talking to political rivals does not change one’s DNA, veteran leader Ghulam Nabi Azad said on Saturday in a swipe at the Congress which had insinuated that he was cozying up to Prime Minister Narendra Modi after he left the party.
After Azad ended his five-decade-long association with the Congress last month, the party had alleged that his “DNA has been Modi-fied” and several leaders attacked him citing Modi’s speech in Rajya Sabha in February last year in which the teary-eyed prime minister had praised Azad as a “true friend”.
Congress, communist parties did nothing for Dalit communities, says Amit Shah
Union Home Minister Amit Shah on Saturday attacked the Congress and the Communist parties by saying they never worked for the welfare of the Scheduled Tribes and treated the Dalit communities only as a votebank. The senior BJP leader, while speaking at a Scheduled Caste conference organised by the saffron party, said the Congress was disappearing while the Communist party was on the verge of extinction.
NASA’s Artemis rocket is a gigantic waste of money
Friendly breeds just as likely to bite as banned dogs
Zari zardozi artisans weave a tale of hope and strength
Obama: US President, Nobel laureate, now an Emmy winner
One-of-a-kind plastic surgery to save injured python
US Open show goes on without Serena after legend’s exit
Spice spike woes
Cyrus Mistry dies in accident
Two industrialists benefitting from hate: Rahul
the ‘One nation’ bhajan
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