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143 EVs registered in Delhi daily till June 30; over 25000 sold in 6 mnthss – Business Standard

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More than 25,890 (EVs) were sold in in the first six months of 2022, as they accounted for 9.3 per cent of all vehicles registered till June 30 in the national capital, a report said.
In the first six months of 2022, an average of 143 EVs were registered in every day, a report by The Times of India reported. This was against 71 EVs sold every day on average last year. With another six months left in the year, EV sales in 2022 are expected to break all records.
In 2020, 25,814 EVs were registered in . The number stood at 23,222 and 20,973 in 2019 and 2018, respectively. The national capital saw a dip in EVs registrations at 12,381 amid an overall decline in vehicle sales due to the Covid-19 pandemic outbreak.

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The account of the EV in overall vehicle registration was 9.3 per cent in the first half of 2022, against 5.6 per cent recorded in the whole of 2021, the TOI said. The month of March saw the share of EV sales surge to 12.6 per cent.
In 2018, the sale of EVs comprised 2.9 per cent of all vehicles registered, while in 2019, the account of electrics was at 3.9 per cent. This dipped to 2.9 per cent again in 2020 due to Covid.
The surge in EV sales come as Chief Minister launched EV policy in August 2020, with an aim of taking its share in overall vehicles registration to 25 per cent by 2024. In that month, Delhi sold 739 EVs.
From September 2020 to date, 56,585 EVs have been sold in the national capital, which is 36.4 per cent of the total electrics (155,214) registered in Delhi, the report said.
“The reason that the sale of EVs has been rising since last year is because the EV policy is now firmly in place and all the incentives that were promised have been rolled out,” an official told TOI.
The official said, “Initially, the focus was on electric four-wheelers but, of late, the adoption of electric two-wheelers is being promoted in a bigger way because these comprise the bulk of vehicles on Delhi’s roads. If we can convert these to electric, it will help in combating air pollution in a huge way.”
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