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Tata Motors PV Electric Vehicle Sales Sees 300% Jump on Y-o-Y Basis – The Hans India

Tata Motors PV Electric Vehicle Sales Sees 300% Jump on Y-o-Y Basis
New Delhi: Auto companies such as Tata Motors and Mahindra have registered an overwhelming sales growth thereby indicating that the Indian auto industry may be on a path to recovery from poor sales and production performance since the last few years due to global shortage of semiconductor chips.
Tata Motors, On May 1st, released its latest sales report which states that the company has recorded an 81 percent increase in sales figures on Year-On-Year end basis. Tata Motors said that its sales in the domestic and international market for April 2022 stood at 72,468 vehicles, compared to 41,729 units during April 2021.
“Domestic sale of MH & ICV in April 2022, including trucks and buses, stood at 12,069 units, compared to 6,466 units in April 2021. Total sales for MH & ICV Domestic and International Business in April 2022, including trucks and buses, stood at 12,524 units compared to 7,366 units in April 2021,” Tata Motors has said.
Under the Passenger Vehicle segment, Tata Motors has stated that its Electric Vehicle sales has witnessed a jump of 300 percent on Y-o-Y basis. In April 2022, Tata Motors sold 2,322 units of PV EVs whereas in the previous year the figures stood at 581 units. For the PV ICE segment as well, the company has seen a growth of 60 percent in the domestic market.
Automotive companies such as Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd., on Monday announced that its overall auto sales for the month of April 2022 stood at 45,640 vehicles.
In the Utility Vehicles segment, Mahindra sold 22,168 vehicles in April 2022. The Passenger Vehicles segment (which includes UVs, cars and vans) sold 22,526 vehicles in April 2022. Exports for the month were at 2,703 vehicles. In the Commercial Vehicles segment, Mahindra sold 17,402 vehicles in April 2022 with a growth of 23 percent.
However, Maruti Suzuki India has witnessed a degrowth of its sales number in April 2022, wherein the company sold 1,50,661 units last month incomparison to 1,59,691 units in April 2021. The company has said that the total sales in the month include domestic sales of 1,26,261 units, sales to other Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) of 5,987 units and exports of 18,413 units.
“The shortage of electronic components had a minor impact on the production of vehicles, mainly domestic models. The Company took all possible measures to minimise the impact,” Maruti Suzuki said in an official statement on Sunday.
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