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This Guy Built 'Tranzit' App For Delhi Metro Routes, And It's Quite Useful –

If you live in Delhi, the Metro lines are probably a part and parcel of your daily commute. Sprawled across the city and always expanding, Delhi Metro connects the capital city to satellite cities of Gurugram and Noida while allowing passengers to switch lines at multiple locations to further cut down on travel time.
If the ongoing expansion confuses you and feels like a riddle map, this guy has got you covered. What line should you take to optimise your travel time? “Tranzit” helps you choose among the different colour-coded lines to help you reach your destinations quicker.
Tranzit Tranzit
Developed by 20-year-old Kaustubh Debnath “as a side project.. with [his] buddies” Ashwin S C, Aman Kumar, Ayush Neekhar, and Sumit Prakash, Tranzit offers a refreshed user interface for those who know the pain of using the Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) website. The modern UI requires location access to calculate the best route for your Metro travels.
Finally (kinda) done with a side project I’ve been working on with my buddies – Tranzit, for finding the best possible Metro Routes with a beautiful UI. Hopefully Delhites find it useful.

DMRC Official Site Tranzit

Tranzit Tranzit
Besides offering a station-by-station outline of your route, it shows you what colour-coded lines to follow. In addition, it shows the expected fare and number of interchanges that one would need to make in order to reach their destination in Delhi.
If you want to see how long it would take for you to reach a certain spot from your current location, Tranzit shows the estimated travel time. For instance, in the screengrab below, the details of the Metro routes from Botanical Garden to Keshav Puram is shown.
Tranzit Tranzit
You can access Tranzit here. And the developers are urging users to report any bugs that may be affecting the free service.  
If you get an error saying “Client Side Exception Occurred” make sure your Location/GPS services are on.

Also the mobile layout has a few unwanted quirks so please feel free to report any bugs.

 What do you think about this refreshed take on Delhi Metro transit info? Let us know in the comments below. For more in the world of technology and science, keep reading
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