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The U.S. Zigs While the Rest of the World Zags on EV Subsidies – Bloomberg

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NBA star Chris Paul talks to his guests – athletes, entertainers and business leaders – about their journey to success, their inspiration and where they look for new opportunities.
IMF Raises Yuan’s Weighting in SDR Currency Basket, PBOC Says
Zimbabwe Allows Import of Basic Commodities to Curb Price Hikes
Amazon’s Bezos Spars With Biden on Twitter About Inflation
French Scientist Leading Nuclear Fusion Project Dies at 72
Former Brexit Minister Rejects Protocol Claim Levelled by Irish Premier
10 Dead in Mass Shooting At Supermarket, Suspect Arraigned
Biden, Harris Reveal Book Royalties, Other Income in Disclosures
World’s Richest Family Bet on Munis, Japanese Stocks, Coinbase
Britney Spears Says She’s Lost Baby Due to Miscarriage
Liverpool Beats Chelsea to Win FA Cup, Keeps Quad Bid Alive
Who’s Afraid Of a 90-Year-Old Cleric?
Behind the Amazing Photo of the Milky Way’s Very Own Black Hole
Housing Defies Fed’s Campaign to Control Inflation
Venture Capitalists Are Aiming to Disrupt Fish Farming
CEOs Feel the GOP Squeeze for Weighing In on Social Issues
How Gillette Embraced the Beard to Win Over Scruffy Millennials
Baby-Formula Shortage Spurs US to Prod Abbott Over Access
Top Texas Court Allows Child-Abuse Probes for Parents of Trans Kids
Fed Board Employs Just One Black Economist, Diversity Data Show
Chile Copper Mines Dodge Radical Changes as Convention Vote Ends
New Mexico Governor Seeks More US Aid for Wildfire Response
Here’s How US Cities Rank on Baby Formula Shortages
A Vision to Build a City of Refugees in Ukraine
New York City Plans to Screen Every Student for Dyslexia for the First Time
Whereabouts of Terra’s Bitcoin Reserve a Mystery After Transfers
Crypto Prices Slip After Record Week For Bitcoin Volatility
Nigeria Issues Crypto Asset Rules in Move Seen Boosting Trade
While Build Back Better was sent back to the drawing board, a revised EV tax credit looks likely.
A Toyota employee displays a battery charger for the plug-in hybrid version of the Prius in Tokyo.

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Subsidies for electric vehicles are heading in very different directions in different parts of the world.