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Letters: Who's footing the bill for those charging stations? – South Bend Tribune

Charging stations are being constructed around the country to accommodate those with electric vehicles.  I do not have one, nor do I want one.  Who is paying for these?  Surely my government is not using my tax dollars to pay for these charging stations.
Did the government pay for my local BP station that I use regularly, or was the fuel company required to pay for their own filling stations?
Just curious.
Tom Edgerton Sr.
In many incidents the weather is blamed for a vehicle accident. Per the Internet definition of “was involved in a traffic accident”: “an unfortunate event resulting  especially from carelessness or ignorance.” Weather does not cause the “accident.” It is the “carelessness or ignorance” of the vehicle’s driver. So drivers, drive with “carefulness & intelligence.”  Don’t blame the weather. 
Don Zutter
South Bend
I trust that “Representative” Jackie Walorski will use her newsletter to inform all citizens who are afflicted with diabetes that she cast their vote against lowering inflated insulin costs. That would be newsworthy.
Pat Richter
South Bend
 I want to commend Commissioner Derek Dieter for recently hosting an Awards Recognition Dinner to honor all the citizens, businesses, students and employees who have stood out in special way in St. Joseph County. All these people — in one way or another — showcase all the gifts our local community has to offer. Throughout the year, the Board of Commissioners recognizes these individuals at its regular meetings.
By bringing everyone together for a special dinner, all these talented citizens had a night to be celebrated for their meaningful contributions to our county. Thank you, Derek, for highlighting the people that make St. Joseph County so great.
Amy Drake