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Razor 'Trail Rated' Jeep E-Scooter Goes off Pavement, into Dirt – Car and Driver

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With knobby tires and Jeep-approved badging, this e-scooter is ready to rip through the rough.
With its beefy tires, matte green paint scheme, and wide platform, the new Jeep collaboration with Razor is a trail-ready e-scooter that looks to be way more than just a marketing gimmick. Available on and Amazon, the Razor Jeep RX200 is an adult-size scooter that’s built for off-road fun.
That’s right. The Jeep version of Razor’s RX200 is intended to be more than just a cosmetic upgrade. It’s meant for the user to head off the pavement and onto the trails, and to prove that, there’s Jeep’s renowned “Trail Rated” badging and a military-green paint scheme straight off an old U.S. Army Willys Jeep. The 39.5-pound, 200-watt scooter is designed to rip through all kinds of rough terrain with eight-inch pneumatic knobbies, an adjustable riser handlebar with twist throttle, and a powder-coated steel frame. It’s got a hand-operated rear disc brake for sliding and drifting on dirt. A wide, 37-inch platform makes it easy to gain balance. The dual LED headlights are super cool.
The RX200 cranks along with a top speed of 12 miles per hour, and the 24-volt battery provides up to 40 minutes of fun on a charge. Those numbers might not sound all that impressive—and compared to commuter-oriented, adult-size e-scooters, they’re not. But it’s plenty of speed on rough terrain with sharp rocks and steep drops. As for the relatively limited run time, well . . . stay close to camp, kids!
The Jeep/Razor collab is part of Razor’s lineup of electric scooters for adults, which also includes the standard RX200, the recently launched C25, E300 HD, EcoSmart SUP, EcoSmart Metro HD, and E Prime III. Check out the full lineup at Amazon and Razor’s site; this new “Trail Rated” version is also available at the Jeep Gear website.
More and more adults are using high, road-ready e-scooters for commuting, running errands, or just for having a good time getting around town. We’re psyched to take the Razor Jeep RX200 on the trails and see if it lives up to its promise. First, we’re going to check and make sure our health insurance covers off-road e-scooter mishaps.