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Delhi government to launch guidebook for workplace charging of electric vehicles – HT Auto

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The Delhi government is working on a guidebook to encourage workplace charging of electric vehicles (EVs), which will be released on November 29. The guidebook will provide details about the charging infrastructure for EVs required at workplaces and will guide corporates on assessing the scope for setting up such infrastructure.
The guidebook, called ‘Workplace Electric Vehicle Charging Guidebook for Corporates in Delhi’, is being jointly prepared by the Dialogue and Development Commission (DDC) of the Delhi government and the World Resources Institute (WRI). “The guidebook… (will include) details (about) the processes involved in effective decision-making along with setting the way forward for its planning and implementation,” said DDC vice chairman Jasmine Shah, PTI reported.
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The guidebook will provide a step-by-step procedure for installation of charging infrastructure at workplaces with an aim to encourage corporates in the national capital to join hands in promotion of the EVs. With this, the Delhi government aims to become the first state in the country to make corporates an integral part of the EV movement, Shah said.
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As per a recent study,  90 per cent of EVs are charged either at home or workplace. However,  the need to charge EVs at workplaces will become a necessity in the future as employees will expect more accessible charging solutions, said Amit Bhatt, the executive director of WRI India, PTI reported. Further, it will help in the greater adoption of EVs, Bhatt added.
Delhi has been at the forefront of promoting electric mobility through various incentives, initiatives and awareness programs. Recently, the government also announced that it will allow retrofitting of old diesel vehicles to electric ones. For this, the Delhi transport department will enlist manufacturers who make electric kits for retrofitting conventional ICE vehicles to EVs. The EV kit manufacturers will have individual certification for each vehicle model they will make the kit for. (Read here)
Allowing retrofitting of old diesel with electric kits will encourage EV adoption and penetration of zero-emission vehicles in the national capital.
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