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Tesla to Hyundai: World's top five electric car makers this year – HT Auto

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While India is still playing catch up with rest of the world in terms of electric cars, battery-powered vehicles are increasingly expanding its reach globally. Since January this year, electric vehicle manufacturers have sold more than 29 lakh EVs throughout out of overall 4,256,000 plug-in cars sold till September this year. All-electric cars now hold a share of nearly 69 per cent.
Here is a look at the world’s five largest EV makers at a glance based on their sales performance till October this year.

1: Tesla

It is widely known that the US-based electric vehicle manufacturer Tesla is the world’s largest EV maker. But very few know how big is its lead from the rest of the carmakers who are also part of the EV business. Tesla sold as many as 627,371 electric vehicles in the first three quarters this year and holds a bit more than 21 per cent share in the fully-electric vehicle segment. Tesla’s Model 3 is the most sold electric car ever. With 365,240 units of Model 3 sold last year, the EV itself holds a 12 per cent market share. Among other top performing Tesla cars are Model Y and Model S. Model Y is the second best-seller from the US-based carmaker.

2: SAIC Motor

It is only expected that the largest carmaker in the world’s biggest electric vehicle market will feature in this list. SAIC Motor, which is part of the SAIC-GM-Wuling group of carmakers and also owns the erstwhile British carmaker MG Motor, is the second largest EV maker in the world. SAIC Motor sold 411,164 units of electric cars since January this year. SAIC Motor hold s a share of 14 per cent in the all-electric car segment. Last year, SAIC had sold 119,255 units of the Wuling HongGuang Mini electric car. Despite Tesla’s presence in China, SAIC’s Wuling HongGuang Minis remain the most popular choice of electric vehicle among buyers in the country.

3: Volkswagen Group

The German auto giant has not kept it a secret that it is now in the race to catch up with Tesla before it captures the European markets too. Volkswagen Group, which owns brands like Skoda, Audi, Lamborghini, Bentley and Porsche besides the Volkswagen brand, is the third biggest EV maker in the world. The Group sold as many as 292,769 units of EVs this year, far behind of what Tesla has sold worldwide during the same period. Yet, the Volkswagen Group holds about 10 per cent market share in the EV space.

4: BYD

The second-biggest Chinese electric car brand BYD is the fourth largest electric vehicle manufacturer in the world with 185,796 units sold so far this year with a market share of nearly 6.5 per cent. Besides electric cars, the company also manufactures battery-powered buses, trucks and more. It has several electric cars in its fleet, which also includes the newly-launched e6 three-row electric MPV in India.

5: Hyundai

Korean auto giant Hyundai Motor is the fifth largest EV maker in the world as far as sales numbers go this year. What started off with the Kona electric SUV, Hyundai has now extended it to the Ioniq family of electric cars and aims bigger share in coming days. Since January, Hyundai has sold 139,889 units of battery-powered cars and holds a market share of nearly 5 per cent.
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