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‘You haven’t seen the horrors we see’: Delhi doctor’s heartbreaking plea to people to wear mask goes viral – The Indian Express

The ongoing pandemic, though extremely challenging for all, has especially been taking a toll on medical workers around the globe. But what really leaves these overworked  frontline workers crushed is the carelessness and insensitivity of people around them, when they venture out without  masks. Now, a gut-wrenching post by a young doctor has left netizens teary-eyed online.
Dr Saandhra Sebastian, an anesthesiology resident based in New Delhi. recently took to Instagram to share a long post sharing the horrors and woes of working during the pandemic. The young doctor talked how difficult the past two weeks have been amid the second wave of Covid-19.  .
Sebastian highlighted how even though witnessing pain every minute, instead of breaking down, they are forced to carry on with their duties. The post comes at a point when the number of new cases has already crossed over 2 lakh and the death rate is also on the rise.
“I’ve been telling people that their 22 year old son has died, lying to patients, telling them theek ho jaoge (All will be okay), when I know to my bones vo theek nhi honge (that he will not recover),” she wrote in the post. Witnessing several deaths every day, she shared various experiences, from last words of an ailing patient, a mother of two worried about her children, to giving the devastating news to relatives that they might not get the deceased’s body.
Living with so many tragedies, the young doctor opened up saying how she keeps working. “Working as hard as I can wishing other healthcare workers would do the same for my parents if they were to be hospitalized with Covid.”

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However, emotions do take over and it’s not easy going through the same situation everyday. She admitted saying, “Coming back from my duty and crying about all of that I am forced to do/forced to watch…Crying about how I could have been a little more patient and a lot more loving to people who are suffocating to their deaths”.
As she underlined how being in the PPE kit for several hours trying to save every life is no child’s play, she also talked about the anxiety faced by those helping others. “6 hours in PPE all the while anxious about being exposed, anxious about dying just like our patients does not exactly leave you the sweetest person,” the post read.
The post not only talked about the struggles about health workers but also throw light on the gravity of the situation. “To think that the pain I feel as a spectator is not even a quarter of the pain that our patients/their relatives feel,” she said. As many states, including Delhi has announced weekend lockdown, she argued it’s not the curfews or lockdowns that are difficult, “You haven’t seen the horrors we see”.
Towards the end, she just had one simple request, urging all not to put doctors through this though their nonchalance. “Do us a favor, I am not asking you to stay home, I understand that not everyone has the luxury to do that… Just wear your masks when you are out,” she added.
As the post went viral not only on Instagram but on other platforms as well, many shared it saying the onus is on the public to be careful, follow protocols and ease the pressure on healthcare workers. Many fellow doctors said the post resonated with them, while others thanked doctors for their service also asking them to take care.
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