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Kashmir Files Screening Halted, Deepika Padukone's Caption Enrages Twitter And More From Ent –

Anupam Kher in The Kashmir Files Twitter
Vivek Agnihotri’s The Kashmir Files continues to be the eye of the storm. Now that the film has been released, a lot of chaos was witnessed at a theatre in Jammu, where apparently people were assaulted too. The screening of The Kashmir Files was then halted. A Twitter user has shared a video from Wave Mall of Jammu where some people can be seen getting thrashed. 
Deepika padukone Instagram
Some users felt that her use of the term ‘person of colour’ was in a derogatory manner. The term, person of colour, is used to refer to anyone who is not white in the West. Considering Deepika is an Indian, her use of this caption to announce her collaboration with an international magazine didn’t go down well with people. 
grimes-musk reuters
Tech billionaire Elon Musk’s partner Grimes’ comments in her recent interview didn’t go down well with certain Twitter users. In an interview, Grimes had commented that Elon Musk is leads a minimalist life and sometimes ‘lives below the poverty line’. Grimes comments haven’t been well-received by some Twitter users as they are calling her out for being insensitive and ‘not knowing the difference between being cheap and poverty’. Others said that she is too privileged and therefore is ‘out of touch’.
Sikh people are protesting against Diljit Dosanjh. They say that he should not play Jaswant Singh Khalra in his biopic Instagram
“There was a group of Sikhs who protested against Diljit Dosanjh playing the role of Jaswant Singh Khalra because he is not pious according to them,” a source was quoted as sayingDiljit Dosanjh has requested protestors and told them that he will play Jaswant Singh Khalra with utmost faith and they should let him shoot, but they said that he is videshi and is westernised and that don’t want him to play the role. 
manoj-bajpayees Twitter
Talking about why he never wanted to shift to Mumbai, he said, “That something never went down well with me, and also for that reason I never wanted to shift to Bombay. Because I realised that at the most they can give me a villain’s role but at the end it was all about heroes and celebrating heroes.” Bajpayee was speaking at the ongoing Jaipur Literature Festival (JLF) in a session titled Pure Evil: The Bad Men of Bollywood. 
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