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Maker’s Campaign Season 3.0 to cover 30 states with top Engineering Institutions across India.

Today’s scenario of increasing unemployability can be seen as the outcome of the disruption happening in Industrial shift from the use of existing technology to completely changed way we do our job. We are about to witness a big leap in India’s employability market at an exponential rate and change the way recruitments will be done based on upcoming jobs, in fields ranging from autonomous vehicles, to drone taxis, electric vehicles, agripods, microgrids, energy storage, VR, robotics, AI-powered designing to nature inspired manufacturing, and the overall potential needs well trained and Skilled workforce but the lack of skills required by industries in above fields are making the youths unemployable, which is only going to increase. 

All of these topics have been at the top of concern list of one young company from New Delhi, offering tremendous insights to be future ready in the world ahead. But more than insights, into the knowledge of how these technological changes works, they are giving a glimpse of what some of our jobs will be in the recent future and how to make the best out of it. 

With the success of Maker’s Campaign Season 1 held in 2017 across 23 Indian states received participation from various colleges including IITs, NITs, and top engineering colleges across India and with the Industry support from major Giants like Maruti Suzuki, Robert Bosch, Google Cloud, Amazon, Polaris, Powersports, Indian Blockchain Council, Make India, Digital India Foundation and Autosports, This edutech startup has taken the initiative to provide 2 days free workshops in engineering colleges across India to ensure every student getting trained for the upcoming placements. 

DIYguru or – India’s most discussed platform for Electric vehicle training and pioneers in future trends workshops has announced the launch of their Maker’s Campaign Season 3 with a twist, as they will be doing their campaign in 30 selected different colleges across 30 states for absolutely free of cost and will assist Placement cell of visited colleges with necessary steps needed to be taken to pull up their placement records in coming years and ensuring the kickstart of every student’s career studying there.

Maker’s Campaign Season 3.0. 

Maker’s Campaign 3.0 is a campaign by DIYguru in partnership with industries focused on Industry 4.0 to promote maker’s culture in India enhancing the skills among students and professionals with regards to E-Mobility in Fourth Industrial Revolution . The campaign will run for 10 months from 04th April 2022 to 30th Nov. 2022 with participation from Colleges & Universities across India, UAE, USA, Canada, Brazil, Australia & Turkey. There will be one college selected from each state of the particular country.

How is it going to benefit students?

  • Free Virtual Workshop on E-Mobility
  • Certificate of Workshop Participation
  • Free Electric vehicle Software License for Students.
  • EV Guidebook worth Rs. 10,000 INR

Which colleges are eligible to apply?

  1. Engineering Colleges and Universities with SAE / ASME / IEEE chapters.
  2. Have involved students in Maker’s Projects of Automotive, Aerospace, Additive Manufacturing domain.
  3. Having an auditorium that can accommodate at least 500 students.

NOTE: Only one college from each state is going to be selected based on the criteria’s like Research and Development, Involvement of students in Projects, Lab and Infrastructure Facilities.

Participation Confirmation :

Kindly fill up the NOC here to confirm the dates for your participation in Maker’s Campaign Season 3.0 before 30th April 2022