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Ivermectin obliterates 97 percent of Delhi cases | National |

A 97% decline in Delhi cases with Ivermectin is decisive – period. It represents the last word in an epic struggle to save lives and preserve human rights. This graph symbolizes the victory of reason over corruption, good over evil, and right over wrong. It is as significant as David’s victory over Goliath. It is an absolute vindication of Ivermectin and early outpatient treatment. It is a clear refutation of the WHO, FDA, NIH, and CDC’s policies of “wait at home until you turn blue” before you get treatment.
Dr. Pierre Kory told the world on December 8, 2020, that Ivermectin “obliterates” this virus. Obliterate means to decimate, demolish, or annihilate. It means to eliminate or destroy all trace, indication, or significance.
This graph shows that Ivermectin, used in Delhi beginning April 20, obliterated their COVID crisis. No one should be able to talk you out of this – not a salesman, a drug company, a television celebrity doc, and certainly not the top doctor for the WHO or the NIH who is paid to do that.
Will you believe this 97% eradication graph, or will you believe the propaganda pitched by the Big Media, Big Pharma, the WHO, and the FDA, who share massive financial conflicts of interest – those who say there is insufficient evidence?
What evidence could be any clearer than a 97% reduction in five weeks? That number is better than the current vaccines and beyond the reach of most medicines.
The WHO cautioned India they were making a mistake by using Ivermectin. They told them it could be dangerous, that there was no evidence it worked. How many lies will you buy before you stand up for the truth?
The fatal mistake would have been to NOT use Ivermectin.
Mercifully they used it, and they saved Delhi. But tragically, Tamil Nadu did not, and their state was devastated. Their new cases rose from 10,986 to 36,184 – a tripling.
No one can hide that. Their refusal to use Ivermectin harmed them. Not only did Tamil Nadu’s cases rise to the highest in India, but their deaths skyrocketed from 48 on April 20 to 474 on May 27 – a rise of ten-fold.
Meanwhile, Delhi’s deaths IN THE SAME PERIOD fell from 277 to 117. So which advice would you have wanted your state to follow?
In America, Baylor’s Dr. Peter McCullough, Yale’s Dr. Harvey Risch, and Harvard’s Dr. George Fareed first advised early outpatient treatment in testimony to the US Senate on November 19, 2020. Dr. McCullough and his colleagues were the first in the world to publish an early outpatient treatment protocol for COVID-19.
That protocol has since been revised by Dr. George Fareed and his dynamic associate,  Dr. Brian Tyson. They have now saved 6,000 COVID patients in California’s Imperial Valley.
Less than one month later, Dr. Pierre Kory sounded the alarm for a second time on December 8, 2020, to the US Senate. He advised the use of Ivermectin, yet no one listened. No Ivermectin guidelines were instituted. On December 8, the US suffered 2,821 COVID deaths. With Ivermectin, cases could have been quickly crushed. Fatalities would have dropped in short order, as the example of Delhi shows us.
But instead, the United States followed the WHO and FDA’s official advice and waited for the vaccines. They sat on their hands while people gasped. They watched and did nothing as millions turned blue and flooded the hospitals – no Ivermectin approval. So like Tamil Nadu, our US cases and deaths also skyrocketed.
By January 8, just four weeks later, US daily cases had risen from 219,000 to 300,000, and deaths were up from 2,821 to 3,895. Even more Americans were to die due to this failed health policy of ignoring Ivermectin and early outpatient treatment.
Delhi did it right. The United States and Tamil Nadu did it wrong. It cost half a million precious lives and horrific pain and suffering for the world. The pandemic was prolonged for no good reason.
Now we are in a different position. We as a people have absolute evidence of Ivermectin’s efficacy. In Delhi, we heard not one single story of Ivermectin being toxic or causing any difficulty. On the contrary, it is safe, and it saved tens of thousands from COVID.
But more immediately, what can we do now? What will you do as a concerned citizen to get the word out? What can you do to save your fellow human beings from repeating these costly errors? Start with sharing the book, Ivermectin for the World, with your church, your minister, and all your social contacts. Then, spread the word far and wide:
People can safely take Ivermectin to prevent and treat COVID-19.
The rest of the world must hear about Ivermectin as new areas experience similar surges. A new hybrid variant is brewing in Vietnam. Notify them! They need to know there is more than masks and social distancing. There is more than waiting for vaccines. Ivermectin is effective against ALL the variants. The vaccines ARE NOT.
But, unfortunately, the authorities will continue to censor this information; thus, the responsibility of getting the word out rests squarely upon the citizens of the planet, you and me.

Lead a peaceful protest. Share this article with everyone you know, your social media, your email contacts, relatives, friends, and co-workers. You may think that none of this applies to you because you have already been vaccinated. That is unfortunately not true.
Listen to Dr. Peter McCullough on this subject. He is the Vice-Chair of Medicine at Baylor University Medical Center in Dallas, Texas. He is among the most published cardiologists in the world.  He is arguably the most courageous physician to speak out.

No one deserves COVID. No one deserves to die when we have effective treatment.
Do you continue to believe the pronouncements of those agencies that have failed you so many times before? Those agencies who have told the media to give you only filtered information, those agencies who have ignored the world’s leading scientists.
Take a look at this graph. Delhi was in dire straits on April 20 with 28,395 new daily COVID-19 cases and rising.
We sounded the alarm. The All India Institute for Medical Science (AIIMS) and the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) had the guts to listen. They listened to the 56 studies involving 18,447 patients showing up to a 91% reduction in death with Ivermectin. They listened to scientists like Dr. Pierre Kory and the FLCCC. They listened to world-class experts like Dr. Tess Lawrie of the BIRD group and Dr. Peter McCullough of the C19 group. They were smart.
The book Ivermectin for the World was released May 1, 2021, and called for the urgent adoption of Ivermectin by India on a humanitarian basis to save lives. “What we could not do for America, we can do for India!” was our mantra.
And we did! This is what happened to cases in the areas that chose Ivermectin:
Delhi :                   ¯  97%          [28,395 to 956]
Uttar Pradesh:         ¯  95%         [37,944 to 2,014]
Goa:                      ¯  85%         [4195 to 645]
Karnataka:             ¯  60%         [50,112 to 20,378]
Uttarakhand:           ¯  87%          [9,642 to 1,226]
Observe what happened to those areas that DID NOT choose Ivermectin:
Tamil Nadu               ­  173%      [10,986 to 30,016]
Odisha                      ­  50%       [4,761 to 7,148]
Assam                      ­  240%     [1,651 to 5,613]
Arunachal Pradesh    ­  656%     [ 61 to 461]
Tripura                     ­  828%     [92 to 854]
On May 3, the FLCCC and the BIRD groups issued a press release and called for the immediate global use of Ivermectin for COVID-19.  On May 7, Dr. Paul Marik, the second most published Intensive Care Specialist in the world and founding member of the FLCCC, did the same. He added that we could no longer trust “larger health authorities to make an honest examination of the medical and scientific evidence.”
In India, the acid test was to compare the fates of those Indian areas that adopted the drug versus those that did not. This would be the ultimate natural experiment. Finally, the plain truth would be revealed to all the world. It was no longer the special interests, Big Pharma, Big Regulators, and Big Media, who had been censoring, swindling, and conniving. Now the fight would be fair because all the money in the world could not conceal the cases in Delhi. The world had a front-row seat to witness these results. And it bears repeating; the results are in.
Delhi’s cases are down 97% from 28,395 on April 20 to just 956 on May 29.
So the question now is this: Are you going to believe the obvious contained in these graphs? Or are you going to believe those corrupt agencies that do not have your best interests at heart, those who have lied to you many times before?
I suggest you believe the scientists from non-profit groups like FLCCC and BIRD who have nothing to gain except saving your life. They are the most trustworthy. You can support Dr. Tess Lawrie’s charitable work at:
You can support Dr. Pierre Kory’s charitable work on:


You can support Dr. George Fareed’s charitable work and his COVID-19 project by contributing to in the name of the COVID-19 Fareed Project. Dr. George Fareed is a voice of wisdom.
Dr. Fareed is a former NIH scientist and Harvard Professor. He holds patents on three cancer drugs. He was named the 2015 California Rural Physician of the Year, and he won the Plessner Memorial Award given by the California Medical Association for his ethics and clinical excellence. So, you can trust and believe Dr. Fareed.
The choice is clear. Ivermectin is the safe, repurposed Nobel Prize-Winning drug that effectively reduces death up to 91% from COVID-19.  It does not produce blood clots, heart attacks, or strokes. It does not cause violent immune reactions. And it reduced the COVID-19 cases in Delhi, India, by an astonishing 97% in five weeks. It costs pennies.
Tell the poor citizens of Tamil Nadu who are still in the dark and remain forbidden from using it. Tell the rest of the world. Show your doctor the studies. They are updated daily on If your doctor refuses, find another doctor.
Listen to scientists and physicians who are driven by their Hippocratic Oaths to do what is right, not the doctors who are paid vast sums of money by lucrative interests to tow the party line.
So the next time you hear a highly paid doctor advising you that Ivermectin does not work, or you read another article disputing this, please believe your eyes and this graph.
Use your common sense.  Some truths are self-evident, and Ivermectin’s pronounced effect against this virus is one of them. Another self-evident truth, straight from the Declaration of Independence, is the human right to life – which includes the right to select medical treatment – free from governmental interference.
We do not require scientists to interpret these fundamental truths. We do not need a philosopher to know that censorship of life-saving information is wrong.  We do not require any more “studies” to understand that all the world needs Ivermectin – immediately.
There was a problem reporting this.

This article is misleading and does a disservice to its readers. There is actually very little good evidence for ivermectin( or fenofibrate , bit d, melatonin, plaquenil..the previous game changer.). The vaccine is the best chance. Monoclonal,antibodies, convalescent serum, and antivirals help. There is not a single quality study showing good results with ivermectin. A meta analysis of small, crappy, potentially biased studies doesn’t make it so. At best, there may be a clinically significant effect. My hospital has seen 100s or rural,Oregonians admitted on these cocktails with tales of seeing a ND or rogue FP who has 100 percent cure rate. I don’t treat Covid primarily but we see quite a few, mostly with long term problems but occasionally for tracheostomy. If I were treating, I wouldn’t die on the hill by not giving these but I’d be clear that the evidence is very weak. There are a few percent of real climate scientists who dispute climate change, there are still some physicians who believe HIV doesn’t cause aids. If you go to Hopkins, md Anderson, Cleveland clinic, national Jewish, Mayo Clinic, etc…. You will not be told anything similar to this article. That would be the same at every major university in Europe , Israel, or democratic Asia. Brazil used ivermectin widely as part of a Covid pack and there results were anything but miraculous. Shame on you desert news. I realize you have a right bias but on the whole a respectable publication and one I use as part of my balance.

Here is a sight for online med visits for covid and prescriptions for iver and or hydroxy. for my friends down under, it may be worth a try, i was able to get a pharmacy in florida to write, fill and ship my prescription for hydroxy, before ivermectin took off so well. personal note, both my brother and I got covid, i already had hydroxy he took ivermectin. he felt better in a day, i took a full 14 days and had been taking hydroxy as preventative for over 7 months at the time. I think ivermectin works better, jmo….

I got the “Human” capsule formula from my local compounding pharmacy. I went to, filled out my forms and had my prescription in no more than 20 minutes. The Dr. wrote instructions for preventative use and in case of a positive COVID test. I had not been feeling feel (but no COVID) took one capsule yesterday, and this morning I already feel 100% better. Could that be placebo? Certainly. Is it though?
My point is that ivermectin was EXTREMELY easy to get, and fairly cheap.

Well, I am in Australia, and no doctor will prescribe IVM. Impossible to get. Has anyone used the animal product, and how could you cut it down for human use? Is the animal product contaminated? Or is it just a big dosage? Would love to hear if anyone has tried to use the animal product as it seems to still be available online.

Yes, the veterinary forms of ivermectin are safe, provided:
1) You are NOT using a topical or “drench” formulation
2) The product’s only active ingredient is ivermectin.
I speak from personal experience. I have used both the oft-ridiculed “horse paste” and have taken ORALLY the injectable product labelled for cows and pigs. A draft of the injectable form is unpleasantly bitter, and I recommend diluting it in the still soft drink of your choosing. Both should be taken with a meal, preferably a fatty one.
As to dosage, this is purely a function of two variables. The weight of the recipient and the concentration of ivermectin in the preparation. I refer you to the website of the FLCCC (use Duck Duck Go to find it) which publishes up-to-date dosing instructions in terms of milligrams per user’s weight.
As to compensating for concentration of a given preparation, I can only speak to the Durvet brand products which are available in the USA. The “horse paste” is sold in a 1.87% concentration, with the remainder of the paste consisting of corn oil and silicon dioxide (think toothpaste). Take the milligram figure recommended by the FLCCC and multiply it by 53.48, which will give you the amount of “horse paste” to take, in milligrams.
An electronic postal scale can be used, once you have tested its accuracy. To confirm accuracy, measure the mass of several recently minted coins as are available in your locality, and compare the readings to trusted references for what those coins should weigh.
If your recommended dose is 15mg of ivermectin, the amount of “horse paste” you would need to take would be 15mg x 53.48 = 802.2 mg, or just about 0.8 grams of paste. The Durvet product is sold in a tube and plunger arrangement which allows you to measure the dose volumetrically, but one should use a scale for confirmation and fine tuning.
The Durvet livestock injectable formulation is a 1% solution, which delivers 10 milligrams of ivermectin per every milliliter of solution. A milliliter is equivalent to another common unit of volume, the “cc” (cubic centimeter). The easiest way to meter out the correct dose is to use a syringe tipped with a wide gauge needle. Fortunately, the stores which stock this product often also sell suitable syringes and needles. Choose a syringe with a maximum volume as close to but greater than the largest dose you intend to meter out.
For a product with 1% concentration of ivermectin, the correct volume of solution would equal the indicated ivermectin dose, divided by ten. For example, if the FLCCC-recommended dosage is 18mg of ivermectin, you would draw out 1.8 ml (aka cc) of solution into the syringe, then squirt that volume of solution into a still soft drink of your choice (or straight water if you can tolerate the bitter flavor).

So…I’m a Canadian resident scrambling to complete a Covid Kit for my family in preparation should any of us become sick. I’ve been following the research and science from the FLCCC and tried to obtain this drug through every avenue possible. Finding a GP to prescribe the off label use is impossible. I have spoken to our govt rep about this (we just had a federal election) to push it forward, written to local paper and tell everyone I know about this! How wonderful would it be to have positive news, reduction in the media propelled fears and to actually UNIFY both unvaccinated & vaccinated people with a researched, tested drug therapy for ALL? In Ontario Canada 1,000’s of medical staff are losing their jobs as they are not being vaccinated. It wasn’t so long ago, they were our heroes and now they’re classed as selfish and villainous. Unforgivable.
This past week the vaccine mandated policy for any businesses that decide to make this their “policy”is spreading like wildfire putting thousands out of work. If we could curb this virus with proven therapeutics we, I believe, could snuff it out like a candle without oxygen. Instead we are vaccinating with failing efficacy chasing variants with possible booster shots like a dog trying to chase its tail. Ivermectin (hopefully!), zinc, vitamin C, Quercetin, antibacterial mouthwash, Soda water (it has some quinine in it naturally) and vitamin D are in my kit. We’re in for a long winter however I do believe in the goodness of people, truth over lies and good over evil. Stay safe everyone.

Those against ivermectin are from America and Europe because there are chasing their money. They don’t care about people’s LIVES. I think it’s time to regulate WHO where member states should find their own way of dealing with such kind of pandemic should the organisation fails of delay. Western countries have monopolized the world health organisation to the extent that countries don’t have a say.

The early comments were slightly exagerated regarding Ivermectin Destroying the virus. It actually is reported that it prevents the virus from replicating, and your bodies immune system sends antibodies to kill it, and other things to clean it out of your system. I really enjoyed the article, as I was very aware of Ivermectin since March of 2020, when I had CVD, although being in WA State, with Gv dImslee dictating everything, I was not able to get it. I read how it was used in NY with great success, while Cuomo the Ciller, was busy bussing old folks to the nusing homes.,

Get Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine online. Bitcoin accepted


Yes, it has been used prophylactically in studies – extensively.

Thank you for your factual account with verifiable facts. Thanks to the FDA, CDC, WGO, I had to use IVM horse paste, in stead of manufactured-for-human tablets, in March 2020 for prevention purpose. Last April, my wife got infected during teeth cleaning, and the I got it too. We both got rid of all symptoms (headache, general malaise, running nose) within hours of taking one 12-mg IVM tablet. We have two children and 4 grand sons. They have been brain-washed by MSM and BigTech propaganda for so long that they did not even care to do any research on IVM, and instead, ridiculed us–who raised them, provided them with university-education, helped them acquire condos, homes, cars, etc… I have since given up and let it be, hoping for the best.

I’m a firm believer that Ivermectin saved both my girlfriend and me from getting covid. We took the ivermectin (in a dose recommended by another girlfriend who is a certified nutritionist) before the vaccine was made available to us. We went a on a ski trip for 3 days with a third girlfriend who unknowingly had covid when she joined us. She tested positive when she got home. Neither my other girlfriend who also took the ivermectin nor I tested positive after spending 3 days with her in the same room. Coincidental? I highly doubt it.

Sadly this is absolute garbage. Lies and non-science (nonsense). Read some actual science analysis of these outlandish claims and make your own minds up. Short version, India doesn’t use it prophylactically so it had no impact on “cases” (only hospitalizations or deaths which strangely are never mentioned in the vomit of worthless stats), cases were falling before IVM was ever added to protocols (and only for treatment of already sick people), no data is offered on if it may have cured anyone.
It was also being used in Peru before they had a crushing 3rd wave… no impact.

No data available to suggest a link between India’s reduction of COVID-19 cases and the use of ivermectin

The whole argument is just one giant logical fallacy probably to support the charlatans who have been prescribing HCQ in your local area.
Feel free to slurp apple flavored horse paste but the virus will ignore it just like these people ignore actual science.

This is an uninformed comment and you should be embarassed by it. Yes, there’s a horse version, but there’s also a human version, and it’s not apple flavored, it comes in 6 mg pills. Trials have been at 200 mcg’s per kg, but some at lower levels. The numbers in the various Indian states speak for themselves.

It’s not garbage at all. My sister and her friend got Covid about six weeks a go. They were able to get a hold of some Ivermectin and were soon out of the woods. There are dozens and dozens of peer-reviewed studies and peer-reviewed papers about the effectiveness of Ivermectin. Dr. Pierre Kory, one of the top lung, pulmonary doctors in the country, testified before Congress, saying Ivermectin is a miracle drug. They withheld treatment so they could better sell their risky inoculating jab. They are still withholding the these therapeutic cures so they can push their booster scam. There is no medical, scientific debate, Ivermectin works, period.

I’d love to believe in Ivermectin, but I’m concerned that the timelines in these stories are cherry picked. If you look at the case counts for the regions that went up without Ivermectin, their curves are about 2 weeks behind Delhi’s and show similar spikes and then drops. Unless they suddenly reversed course, what caused them to drop because it was not Ivermectin.

I don’t understand people like you. Which of course will mean that you simply won’t understand someone like me! I’ve seen the ivermectin work. It’s a spectacular sight! I feel very privileged to have found a doctor to prescribe the ivermectin for me. I watched my dad decline dramatically in less than 2 weeks after receiving his 2nd shot. Now? My dad has gone from swinging a sledge hammer breaking up rocks to be used to build a retaining wall to a man who almost can’t cloth himself.
Personally, I have a 21 yr undiagnosed lung disease that leaves me on 6L of O2, adult onset severe asthma that is extremely difficult to treat, a Type 2 diabetic, and because of the steroids I’ve had to take and my inability to do almost any kind of exercise, I’m well over weight. My pulmonologist was kind enough to tell me that I was the poster child of what high risk COVID would look like if I caught the virus. The discussion was over the issue of my refusing this vaccine. I’m not willing to take the chance that should I end up being in the outlier group of, “it’s really rare” that something like this would happen to you… So, if I end up having a “reaction” to the vaccine and I end up either developing a new equally serious chronic health condition to add to what I have now, or one of the ones I have now gets worse than what it already is, either of those would make me unable to continue live independently anymore. I would then need to be placed in some facility where I would not be allowed to have my medications at the ready on the table next to me. Specifically my inhaler, should I have trouble with my breathing. On at least 3 occasions, in a HOSPITAL setting I almost died once, and got a lot to close twice, because someone gave me the wrong medication or thought I didn’t REALLY need my inhaler… I hope you NEVER find out what it feels like to suffocate. It’s unbelievably painful! Your lungs feel like they’re on FIRE. The muscles in your back begin to twist in opposite directions which pulls against your respiratory muscles making it even more difficult to breathe. And the worst of it is that you are 100% cognitively aware that you’re going to die if someone doesn’t intervene for you. The day that I REALLY thought I was going to die was the day that I asked my nurse for over 2 hours for my inhaler. Keep in mind that I had just been extubated 2 days prior. She never got the inhaler for me. She said the pharmacy hadn’t sent it up yet. She never put a stethoscope to my chest. The last thing I remember seeing was my systolic blood pressure at 206 before I passed out. Even then, I can usually still hear, it’s kind of like being under water, muffled sounding, but hearing nonetheless. They called for the rapid response team. The first thing that they of course did, was put a stethoscope to my chest. Whoever was listening to my chest said, “She’s not evening trying to breathe!” They obviously got me turned around. The other two instances were no less dramatic. I hear you asking what does this have to do with ivermectin?
My point is, all of the times that things got so serious, I was in a position that I was REQUIRED to depend on someone else to keep me alive. Right now? I have two choices. One is the shot, two is the ivermectin. Even before my dad, I saw what this vaccine can do to people. I have a serious pit in my stomach that these side effects aren’t nearly as rare as we’re led to believe. On the flip side… I’ve seen the ivermectin choke this virus out. Personally, I’m taking it prophylactically, I’m 6 months in and I’ll continue with it as long as I need to. HOWEVER… make note! NO ONE holding up the ivermectin has EVER said, don’t get the vaccine! In fact, it’s quite the opposite. The doctor that I get my prescription from has urged me to get the vaccine. I can’t do it. You can call vaccine adverse events rare all day long, but if you’re the one that had a horrific outcome after taking it, it really doesn’t matter how rare that adverse event is supposed to be. Like 2 months ago when I read about the 13 yr old boy in Michigan, who about 3 days after his second shot went to bed that night and never woke up! You go tell his family that, “Oh… it’s ok! Events like this rarely ever happens!” I’m SO SURE that that would mitigate that family’s grief over the loss of their son! The worst of it? The government KNEW about it! It’s on the CDC’s website! But they didn’t TELL anyone! It’s like they think that if they put it there, but just don’t talk about it, it absolves them of any responsibility! They also don’t mention that there was a federal law created about vaccines back in Sept/Oct 1988 or 89. That if you or a family member takes a vaccine and has an adverse event, no matter the severity of that event, even if there was a death, you cannot sue any one, or entity, for that adverse outcome. Not the developer, not the distributer, the drug company, not the doctors, NO ONE can be held accountable. However, when you look that statute up, right in the middle of it, there’s a link that will take you to a website where you can apply for some compensation, from lost wages, to medical bills, to death benefits of some kind. They did not, however, tell what that financial compensation would be.
So you go ahead and you take your shot. You can take mine too, for that matter. But I think that its irresponsible to tell people that there’s no use, no place, for this medication. Doctors keep talking about how they’re SO sick of watching people die! So stop being so closed minded and give the ivermectin a chance to prove itself or not. After seeing the numbers out of Delhi India, it should be, in my opinion, that the government officials that have been lying about the ivermectin not working, should be tried for crimes against humanity. And yes, I know. You think I’m full of it, that I too have ignored science. I have a feeling that at some point you too will have been proven wrong. It makes me sick to my stomach when I think about how many have died needlessly. I also think that as the people of the US grasp hold of the truth about ivermectin that things may get very ugly. I hope not. But it’s going to be very hard to convince people why their loved one’s didn’t have to die when they grab hold of the truth. So you go ahead and take your shot. And truly, I hope you come out of this stench well. But, come see me when this is over. I promise you, I’ll still be standing… As a last point, I will tell you the same thing that I tell other people. Taking the ivermectin does not mean that you stop doing all the other things that you’ve been doing from the beginning. You still wash your hands, you still keep your distance, and you still wear your masks. The ivermectin is merely one more layer of protection… but its a good one!

You know, I bet all those people drank water while the case count was dropping. Maybe it was water that drove the infections down!

Excellent article. I live in Goa. When our Health Minister announced Ivermectin for all (above age 18) on May 10, 2021, we were pleasantly surprised since we have been following the real news of the Plandemic for the past year and were keen supporters of Ivermectin therapy ever since the news broke out in the USA last year. However for Rane, the opposition were out to score a shot at him and the ruling party and succeeded. In just 3 weeks the High Court shot down the proposal. I am attaching a link to a local newspaper report.
Yes Goa’s death rate is down to zero on most days for the past 2-3 weeks, but sadly Ivermectin was not given out to the entire population. Our Health Services have been distributing it in the Covid home-isolation kits since October 2020 but have discontinued it after the Court hearing. Just thought I would update you with the facts as of now. Keep up the good work. Saving lives is Godly work.

What is the source link for the graph?

Data Source: Center for Systems Science and Engineering (CSSE) at Johns Hopkins University. Best way to create the graph is to google “death rate covid” and select country as India, and “cases.” Then select by Indian State or Union Territory. Finally choose scale by week, month or all-time.

I think there is no evidence in this article which has fake details, in Tamilnadu the cases were not spiked all sudden when Stalin has become chief minister, the day he was sworn in as chief minister the count was 27000 and it went up to 36000 and now reduced to 15000 , but in this article it is mentioned that it gone from 10000 . The news is not correct, and I personally know my collegue taken ivermectin his condition became worse after that and admitted in ICU. Each medicine has some pros and cons .

A French citizen living in a village in Tamil Nadu near the Union Territory of Puducherry wrote the Desert Review in a comment to an article about Ivermectin’s effect in India. In the following letter written in broken English, it is evident from the spellings that he is French, and that the comments are authentic.
He reveals how he successfully treated two COVID-19 infected patients with Ivermectin, and later provided Ivermectin preventatively to ten other exposed household contacts for three weeks with great success. The clear implication is that the articles published by the Desert Review guided him. This comment was published as a response to the article, “Ivermectin Obliterates 97 Percent of Delhi’s Cases.” Ironically it was published next to another comment that accused the article of being “fake news.”
“I just cure the son (29) of my wife and one of her brother (36), symptoms : lost smell and taste, little fever, tired = Covid-19
Start treatment at home 26th May, recovery 28th May ; start 28, recovery 29th May
The first waiting 4 days before starting treatment, the second start treatment after ill two days.
Ivermectine 12 mg : Day 0, D1, D3, D5, D8
Azithromycine 500 mg : 1pill per day during 8 days
Zinc 50 mg : 1 pill per day during 5 days
Vitamine D 60.000 UI : Day 0, D1, D8
I give Ivermectine, zinc and vitamine D to each adult living in this house (10 people, 3 children 6, 12, 14) not to children. Ivermectine, zinc and vitamine D one pill each week, 3 weeks.
Signed by “A French citizen living in a village in Tamil Nadu near Puducherry.”
It appears that the Desert Review Articles are being read far and wide, and this is now saving lives. The Desert Review has served as a light within the darkness of censorship, a refreshing gift of hope during a pandemic of despair, and a glimmer of morality in a society contaminated with greed,
Thank God for the Desert Review!

I would like to know wether citizens injected with AstraZeneca or Sinopharm can also use Ivermectine to safe their lives?

The article (and my prior piece in the series) reports that cases rose from 10,986 to 35,873 during the time period April 20 to May 22 based on data from the Johns Hopkins University CSSE data base.
“Meanwhile, Tamil Nadu announced on May 14 they were outlawing Ivermectin in favor of the politically correct Remdesivir. As a result, Tamil Nadu’s cases are up in the same time frame from April 20 to May 22 – 10,986 to 35,873 – more than a tripling,” as clarified in my prior article.
Indeed Goa’s cases dropped almost immediately, Uttarakhand’s cases dropped almost immediately – they adopted Ivermectin – while Tamil Nadu’s rose to the highest in India – and did not peak until May 21st – two weeks after Goa and Uttarakhand peaks of May 7th. Clearly, and obviously the Ivermectin saved people in Goa and Uttarakhand, while Tamil Nadu paid a terrible price in death and suffering because of their choice to NOT use Ivermectin.
While it is true that “each medicine has some pros and cons as you state,” ignoring the immense data that shows the life-saving effects of ivermectin [ go to to view for yourself the 58 studies involving 18,000 patients that show the massive reduction in mortality associated with Ivermectin] would be foolish.

This story is now worldwide news! It is not fake.
The Tamil Nadu crisis has been recognized now by the world as BEING DIRECTLY RELATED to not using Ivermectin. While Tamil Nadu outlawed Ivermectin and saw their cases rise to the highest in India, the neighboring states that used Ivermectin saw their cases plummet. Here is an article in Australia calling attention to this fact. Here also is a video TV interview with Dr. Kory on Tamil Nadu television where he further explained the terrible rise in cases in Tamil Nadu – where they denied citizens Ivermectin.

Stalin’s COVID mismanagement gets international attention, Australian MP and American doctor slam TN CM

I just cure the son (29) of my wife and one of her brother (36), symptoms : lost smell and taste, little fever, tired = Covid-19
Start treatment at home 26th May, recovery 28th May ; start 28, recovery 29th May
The first waiting 4 days before starting treatment, the second start treatment after ill two days.
Ivermectine 12 mg : Day 0, D1, D3, D5, D8
Azithromycine 500 mg : 1pill per day during 8 days
Zinc 50 mg : 1 pill per day during 5 days
Vitamine D 60.000 UI : Day 0, D1, D8
I give Ivermectine, zinc and vitamine D to each adult living in this house (10 people, 3 children 6, 12, 14) not to children. Ivermectine, zinc and vitamine D one pill each week, 3 weeks.
A French citizen living in a village in Tamil Nadu near Puducherry.
Today 9th May 2021, they are well.

Fake news at it’s worst. Invermectin has been proven to not help at all, and actually, may make things worse. Sad you publish an article like this.

I use ivermectin to worm my horses and goat. It works well with no reactions. I’m not surprised it works on people, too. I hope our government looks into it vs making the drug companies more wealthy.

HistoriCUSS – “how many would be alive today”? Probably most of them. This is exactly what Dr. Vladimir Zelenko said about early use of HCQ/zinc/Z-pack, months before IVM was looked at. Dr. Z spoke with the President, who went out and got tens of millions of doses donated to us from around the world, and then made that “it could be a game changer, maybe not” remark in mid-March. And then it was all out war on HCQ, from the MSM to several fraudulent studies. With IVM, there is a media blackout in the West ignoring real world results, and endless heel dragging by the governments and health agencies.
Meanwhile, the message that strong levels of Vitamin D3 et al can boost your immune system has been utterly ignored, even though hundreds of papers have been written on it for decades. And the highly prophylactic effects of oral and nasal rinsing were treated as a one day joke by the media, then forgotten about, even though multiple studies were done around the world showing that gargling with Listerine cut the oral viral load by 99.999% in 30 seconds, when it was known that this virus invades your body through the nose and mouth and then lives there for several days before moving down to your lungs. IOW, daily preventative oral and nasal hygiene will nearly keep you from getting the virus, and good vitamin levels will mostly take care of the rest. And then there’s IVM.
Naturally, the media did selective reporting on the oral/nasal studies, ignored the results, and said to wear your mask instead.

Yes. We’ve been practicing what you said from the beginning of the pandemic, purely by common sense, and not based on randomized-triple-blind clinical trials with 30k population. I’d add one more measure which we find highly effective to clear running nose, sinusitis, mild infection: steam-inhaling with 3% Hydrogen Peroxide, followed with a few drops of Eucalyptus essential oil. I choose to ignore MSM and health authority+bureaucrats and I will survive.

You really are just wrong.

HistoriCUSS, Tamil Nadu appears to have been “just following orders”, adhering to the latest AAIMS guidelines, which only give a slight nod to IVM use for high risk patients in the early out-patient stage. Once in hospital, the treatment guideline switches to Remdesivir, methylprednisolone, and convalescent plasma.

I really good report.. But, it failed in one huge and significant way. It omitted a critical fact. This turned out to be an ivermectin versus remdesivir trial.
Ivermectin arm:
Delhi : ¯ 97% [28,395 to 956]
Remdesivir arm
Tamil Nadu ­ 173% [10,986 to 30,016]
The medical expert decider in Tamil Nadu ignored the national recommendations and decided to stockpile remdesivir, the $3000+ hospital treatment pushed by Fauci and US FDA and shun the 3 cent per dose generic ivermectin.
How many thousands suffered needlessly for this inept, arrogant idiocy?
How many thousands died for this corruption? In India? In the USA? In the world?
Make no mistake, the public health agencies (PHA) in the USA are influential globally. Some learn too late that as to managing Covid-19, science has left the buildings of the PHAs in the USA.
Of the 596,232 Covid-19 related? deaths as reported by John Hopkins, how many would be alive today had their doctors provided ivermectin at first symptom?
When will the medical malpractice attorneys begin to understand the scope of this dereliction of duty, this crime? When will they bring the hypocrites to task for abandoning the ethics of their Hippocratic Oaths?

Thank you and God bless you for posting this article. You are one of the very few news sites in the entire English speaking world who have a positive view of Ivermectin. While most of MSM covered the recent spike of cases in India, few of them mentioned which states were hardest hit or which states beat back the virus, and not one of them mentioned Ivermectin. This old, inexpensive, generic anti-parasitic medicine is in use all around the world, at least the parts that western media generally ignores, and it is winning the fight against Covid-19. Yet there is a concerted, coordinated effort between government, MSM, social media, Big Med to deny, ignore, and censor this. I feel that this is foolish, to say the least.