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Offers have started pouring in for E-Mobility students from EV Industries

Electric vehicles are fast emerging as an important travel option, thereby opening up several job avenues
Delhi: The Indian automotive sector is close to a $100 billion industry, and employs over 19 million people (according to the Department of Heavy Industries). Within this is the electric vehicles (EV) sector, which is seeing a transformation with new technologies and new ways of ownership. The changes driving the sector are electric vehicles, shared mobility, autonomous driving, IoT-enabled connected vehicles, and increasing line automation in manufacturing.

Electric vehicles are not just the wave of the future, they are saving lives today. With battery prices reportedly falling 73% since 2010, and electric cars are expected to be as cheap as fuel-powered cars in the foreseeable future. The International Energy Agency cites that by 2020 up to 20 million electric vehicles will play the road, a number that is expected to go up to 70 million by 2025.

With the increase in EV demands, the requirement of EV skilled professionals will also increase and here comes the role of an organization professional institutions continue working in creating a workforce for the EV Industry. With a rapid switch of automobile industries towards electric vehicles, there is a huge requirement of skilled candidates with a sound knowledge of EVs and their components.

In line with that DIYguru, The future mobility upskilling platform has recently seen tremendous demand from EV industry in the field of design, research, modeling. Most of it’s students enrolled in 2021 EV Nanodegree have not yet completed the course but are seeing opportunities coming in their way and getting placed into those. The entry-level positions at DIYguru is starting at 3LPA which is appreciable for freshers in the Mechanical, Electrical & Electronics Engineering segment.

Recently, two of it’s students Kishore Age & Vishal are placed at Midwest Energy and as per their statement, Major and Minor projects which they did during the course of their study at DIYguru has helped them a lot in the interview process.

DIYguru has a dedicated Hiring Platform where the students of the Nanodegree Program can directly provide their profile and choose among the best of companies ruling the Electric Vehicle Industry.